Catan for iPad.


He finally arrived! The classic games, the catan, already exists for the iPad. After the fulminating catan-app boot for iPhone and iPod Touch from now on the catan fans holders of an iPad can play at all times and anywhere their preferred game.

The Klaus Teuber Table Game “The Colonos de Catán” celebrates in 2021 its 26 years of existence – and the international fan community grows day by day. In the meantime the classic was already translated into 30 languages.

In the new version of the Catan for iPad you can play three to four people, just as in the board game. Following the classic rules set here you should also compete for most villages, the longest road and the greatest power of the knights, negotiate among themselves and appropriate the valuable field with their raw materials.

And if you ever miss players, various catan settlers are offered for it, with very particular characters: the Pirate Jean, who does not know commitments; The merchant Vincent, which is never being cheated; The gentleman Siegfried, who takes what corresponds to him …

For the iPad version, the game was equipped with a higher resolution and new features that optimally take advantage of the expanded possibilities of the equipment: the new horizontal screen offers with its freely sliding windows at all times a complete view of what happens in the game.

A wide interactive tutorial facilitates access. For the evaluation of the games there are extensive statistics available. The Almanac de Catán explains all the concepts and elements of the world catan. By integrating the iPod everyone can listen to their own music when playing.

HD catan for iPad was developed by Exozet Games in cooperation with Klaus Teuber and published by United Soft Media (USM). It is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Portuguese languages ​​at DLS 3.99 at the App Store.

• Faithful to the original rules of the classic board game
• Local Multiplayer mode for up to four players
• Sunset computer rivals with individual strategies
• Game field with Scroll and Zoom function.
• Free combinable game settings
• “User interface” high resolution with moving elements
• Spacious game statistics and tutorial
• Listen to your own iPod music

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